I worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years, and like so many of us, my job was eliminated over night when the pandemic hit in 2020. I always wanted to start my own small business, with the support of my wonderful husband our shop was created! It has taken off more than we expected and we are excited to share our 3D printed work and more with you! We want to become part of your story!

Picture it, Chicago, March 2020! We are in a global pandemic. A loney, dusty 3D printer meets a newly unemployed sever, the two of them spend a few months in lockdown getting to know one another and next thing you know, Printed Curiosities is born!
We create 3D printed gifts and more! We make each product from start to finish in  our apartment using 4 printers, a Cricut and lots of love! We draw inspiration from pop culture, LGBTQ+, music and much more!

Is there something you are interested in but don't see it listed? Talk to us and we can help bring your vison to life, we love custom orders! Keep in mind our prints take anywhere from a quick 20 minuets to as long as 24 hours, so you will need some flexibility on delivery.